Teaching and Mentorship


Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate Seminars

Philosophy of Mind: Pain (2018)
Philosophy of Mind: Animal Minds (2017)
Philosophy of Mind: Neuroethics (2016)
Philosophy of Mind: Cognitive Science (2015)

Intermediate Courses

Environmental Ethics (WAC 2018)
Medical Ethics (2015 – 2017)
Philosophy of Psychology (flipped 2014 and 2016)
Computers and Culture (flipped 2015)

Introductory Courses

Introduction to Logic (flipped, online, and face to face regularly since 2013)
Critical Thinking (online and face to face regularly since 2009)
Minds and Machines (University of Cincinnati 2011)
Social Ethics (Technical University of Varna 2008)

Guest Lecturer

University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering and Applied Science, Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology (two lectures on ethical and social implications of nanotechnology 2013 – 2017)
University of Cincinnati, Department of Biological Sciences Introduction to Neuroscience (lecture on animal models 2014)
College of Mount St. Joseph, Ethics (two lectures on ethical and social implications of neuroscience 2014)


M. A. Committees
The University of Toledo, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Faeze Fazeli, Contemporary Philosophy Exam Committee (2017)
Uriah Burke, Contemporary Philosophy Exam Committee (2015)

Research Mentor
The University of Toledo
Faeze Fazeli (Philosophy): independent study: Science and Values (2016 – 2017)

University of Cincinnati
Jefferson Kisor (Philosophy and Honors): research partnership (2014)

Teaching Mentor

The University of Toledo
Philosophy Teaching Workshop for Graduate Students (2016 – 2017)

Uriah Burke (Philosophy): Introduction to Logic (2014)
William Delzeith (Philosophy): Contemporary Moral Problems (2017)
Evan Easley (Philosophy): Contemporary Moral Problems (2015)
Samuel Gold (Philosophy): Introduction to Philosophy (2017)
Elizabeth Johnston (Philosophy): Contemporary Moral Problems (2015)
James Lethbridge (Philosophy): Contemporary Moral Problems (2014)
Jorge Mendonca Junior (Philosophy): Critical Thinking (2017)
Zachary Zschaechner (Philosophy): Introduction to Philosophy (2014)