Welcome to my electronic portfolio!

I am an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of The University of Toledo. My research interests are mainly in philosophy of neuroscience, philosophy of experiment, neuroethics, and social studies of science, technology and medicine. My more practical interests are in public understanding of science and science communication.

This coming fall, I’ll be teaching  a very fun course on Computers and Culture. If you are a student in the Toledo area, consider taking it! You’ll find details below.

Ad for the Computers and Culture Course Fall 2017

My current research project aims to articulate an account of neuroscience as an integrated, though pluralistic, field of study. Additionally, I am developing a framework for the reconciliation of the conflicting prescriptions that epistemology and ethics impose on animal experimentation in the biomedical sciences.

More detailed information is available in the other sections of this portfolio. If you find any of my projects interesting , please don’t hesitate to contact me.